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Monday to Friday
1-6am - York Hospital Radio Through the Night,
6-9am - Jay Bainbridge at Breakfast. The best in new music, the feel good track and some great chat to start your day.
9-10am - The non-stop 9 O'Clock Special. 60 mins of music could be musicals, classical, Rock N Roll, country . . .
10am -2pm - Steve Eccles with Be Independent. Music from the last 50 years including the Decade Drive at 11am with music from the 70s, 80 and 90s, along with one hour of number one songs from 1pm.
2-5pm - Ivy Eden in the afternoon. Yorkshire wit and fun, with Ivy, Maureen and Lady Fishfith. Music from the 50s to the 70s,with a large helping of Rock N Roll.
5-7pm - Ian Clennan with the 80s Music Marathon including the lyric challenge.
7-8pm - Ian Clennan and Ivy Eden with your forgotten hits from the last 60 years.
8-10pm - The Instant Requests Jukebox -call and choose your favourite song 24 hours a day on *800 or 01904 628800
10pm - 1am - York Hospital Radio Love with Ian Clennan. The perfect end to each day with some amazing love songs.

1-6am - York Hospital Radio Through the Night including the Chill Out Zone
6-8am - Golden Years - Music from one year!
8-10amPaul Coull
10am-12pm - Steve Eccles & Keith Lea
12-2pm - Sharon Ward
2-3pm - York Hospital Radio Sport. The build up to the afternoon's action.
3-5pm - Goal line - York city live home game commentary and goals from around the grounds.
5-6pm - Dennis McMahon  with the Motown Show
6-7:30pm - The weekend party on York Hospital Radio
7:30-10pm - Theatre Night. The latest theatre productions from the Theatre Royal or Joseph Rowntrees' Theatre.
10pm - 1am - York Hospital Radio Love with Ian Clennan. The perfect end to each day with some amazing love songs.

1-6am - York Hospital Radio Through the Night
6-9am - Golden Years - Music from one year!
9-10am - York Hospital Radio’s non-stop  Million Sellers
10am-12pm - The 90’s Retro Mix
12-3pm - Chris Country - the best in new  and old country music with Chris Stevens
3-5pm - Jim Gavigan. Through the afternoon with the best in Classical
5-6pm - Dennis McMahon with the Motown Show
6-8pm - Music from the world’s greatest shows and musicals with Jim Gavigan
8-10pm- Jon Cook’s A to Z of hits
10pm - 1am - York Hospital Radio Love with Ian Clennan. The perfect end to each day with some amazing love songs

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Charity Status

York Hospital Radio is a registered charity. Number 258700.
We rely on sponsorship, donations and fundraising.

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